The female mystery

Not for a night. That’s simple. Many act as if everything you miss in this world is … imputing to the other world.

For a lifetime … it seems an impossible mission:

If you’re delicate, they’ll make you stronger;

If you are independent you will be subject to …

If you do not cook, it compares to your mother, who steaming the kitchen every day.

If you cook, it compares you to your mother-in-law who cooks better.

If you do not want kids, you’re being blamed for not wanting to get involved.

If you want … what are you doing so? Do not you want to live it for life?

If you do not win too well he feels he keeps you …

If you make twice as much money as you are a soulless career. Office bitch.

No matter how fatal females you are … and physically they have to reproach you. Even if they have a stomach, you are not allowed to bloat …

They’re never too short, you’re too tall. And you still have the manners to put your platforms on.

They have not been to the hall yet, but you seem to have grown a bit fat since you said you wanted fast food.

And yet…

Men sink into bodies, but they fall madly in love with stories.

The coincidences that helped you meet, the connection between you that requires a single glance … or not even.

The hardships you have to meet to have you.

The months he has to wait for you.

We fall in love with a dance, a remark, an imperfection.

How’s it going? I do not know. I would write a script book and sell it with her weight in gold.

Of course, I’d be careful to be thick …

You can look at romantic comedies and even soap operas. You can devour the stories of others, but be stubborn to live your story. He loves his own script. And do not forget, no matter how good actress you think you are, you always play in your own role.

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