How do you know if you have a pH of ALCALIN or ACID – a simple test

Studies have shown that our blood is becoming more acidic as we age and renal function decreases. This may be one of the reasons why we lose our muscle mass as we get older.

Modern diet increases body acidity

Many researchers say this: “The modern diet based on animal products generates a lot of acid that can cause an unnoticed and growing metabolic state of acidosis.” This level of acidity can lead to a decrease in bone mineral density and a progressive decrease in our muscle mass over time.

Alkaline Diet – Major Benefits Confirmed In the tests, it was shown that the 2nd and 3rd age group who followed an alkaline diet showed a better muscle mass. Alkaline fruits and vegetables help fight acidosis caused by the American diet. According to the results of the studies, the vegetarian diet (containing vegetables, fruits and herbs) increases the alkaline pH, while the blue diet (based on meat, eggs and dairy products) increases the acidity of the body. The first type of diet proved to be more beneficial for health.

The plant protein is usually accompanied by much more potassium (which is alkalinizing). And this is a good reason to try to cover the needs of protein from vegetable sources.

Ph alkaline and ph acid test

How can we know if the pH of our urine is acidic or alkaline?

There is a very simple way to apply at home. We need a red cabbage (purple). All we have to do is put the cabbage to boil, until the water turns purple. Or put the red cabbage in a blender with a little water, and then purge the purple liquid. Further, we must urinate in a bowl and pour this purple liquid into the urine. If the liquid remains pale, the urine is acidic, and we need to consume more vegetables with green leaves. If the liquid becomes pink, the urine is very acidic, and we need to change our diet radically. If the liquid in the bowl is blue, it means that our pH is neutral or normal. If the fluid becomes light blue, the urine is alkaline.

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