Through self-love you will forget about diseases

If you will not love, why wait for the others around you to love.

No matter how you look, how the others would think, remember that you are the only, most authentic being in the Universe. There is no second person like you.

Anyway or whoever you think, you are a part of this life, and perhaps you only have the opportunity to change it for the better by a word, a glance or a gesture.

Only if you feel true love for yourself, you will be able to offer it to others. It’s impossible to offer anything without knowing what this is really about.

Love for yourself is the first step in the way of harmony in your life from the outside and from the inside.

By offering love to yourself and your body, do not give chances to the formation of illnesses and the appearance of some dramas in life.

By self-love, you love the life you live, and that means you will attract equally wonderful people.

Love to yourself means the possibility of creating something beautiful for your life.

By self-love, you will discover your true “I”.

By love for yourself, you will discover a world that passes by and becomes part of the life you do not notice. And most importantly, you will start to live, not to exist.

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