The alarming speed with which the Earth’s Magnetic Pole moves annually. It will soon be over Siberia

At this rate, all compasses should be reset.

An alarming news has recently hit the world of scientists, writes journalists at The Guardian. The Magnetic Pole of the Earth is moving at high speed, and soon it will go over Siberia leaving the Canadian Arctic.

According to expert calculations, the Magnetic Pole travels 55km per year, which is a serious problem for all global navigation systems.

This is a benchmark on which all compasses, including those in smart phones, are based, while the Magnetic Pole is used as a back-up navigation system by airplanes and large marine craft.

Instead, GPS will not be affected by these changes, because the positions are based on satellites.

Since 1831, when measured for the first time over the Canadian Arctic, the Magnetic Pole has moved about 2300 kilometers. What is really worrying is the speed of accelerated travel in recent years. If in 2000 the speed was 15 kilometers per year, so far jumped to 55km.

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