Study: Two glasses of red wine get rid of extra pounds

Good news for Cabernet Sauvignon lovers instead of cardio training. Following two recent studies at the University of Washington and the Harvard Medical School, two glasses of red wine consumed before bedtime have been found to help weight loss.

Apparently, red wine contains a polifeonol called resveratrol that converts white fat to beige fat, a type of fat that is much easier to remove. Moreover, Harvard researchers have been focusing for 13 years on 20,000 women, of whom, those who consume two glasses of wine daily, were 70% less likely to face weight problems.

Another study found that resveratrol helps reduce appetite, which means that after two glasses of wine, you will no longer run around the refrigerator for nighttime snacks and you can sleep like a baby. That does not mean you have to keep a Merlot bottle by the bed. The good news is that there are other major sources of resveratrol, including blueberries, strawberries and, of course, grapes, which should not be absent from your diet.

A moderate amount of wine helps improve blood circulation, which means not only that more nutrients are transported to the cells in the body, but also more oxygen, a necessary component in burning fat.

A glass of wine helps to increase the level of two hormones: adiponectin and free testosterone, which helps burn fat and increase muscle mass, and reduces estrogen that makes you lose fat. This formula helps to remove the fat stored in the body and increase metabolism.

Consumption of red wine has been associated with:

• Reducing the risk of cancer;

• Reduce the risk of dementia;

• Reduce the risk of depression;

• Reduction of insulin resistance;

• Reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes in women.

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