Psychologists warn: Mental health is more important than career!

The working environments in which we operate today are called ‘modern dangers’ – where we should work like robots and cars to meet the demands, to keep our jobs and to be considered ‘successful’.

People around the world pay too much for this “success.” The World Health Organization called depression a “global crisis”. When you work up to “burning all over” has become the main occupational risk and is already a norm.

Being busy has become an honor. We are asked to think of as machines that are clear with lists at maximum speed, responding within .006 seconds. We are afraid to be considered devoid of character.

And after all this we ask, why did the period we live in was called the “Age of Anxiety”?

What makes this situation even more interesting is that people like to work hard. A well-done job, a fulfilled task as it should bring a feeling of pride. Work gives us a sense of identity and achievement, allows us to advance and develop. There is incredible work value.

The American Psychological Association warns that unfavorable working conditions, relationships with colleagues and the boss, the pressure we are subjected to because of too important responsibilities can lead to the risk of both physical and mental health damage.

Moreover, people often do not recognize the extent of the stress they are subjected to, until there are physical symptoms that demonstrate it.

Here are three important steps that will help you avoid the stresses caused by your job:

1. There is no “success” without health

Wage earnings, bonuses, status, or goods purchased with agonized money will not turn your health back. For example, if you work at an organization that brings your lunch to the office, holding you “tied up” to your workplace, or being asked to respond to emails in your free time, you should give your opinion on these violations or generally dismiss you. Nothing is more valuable than your life and health.

2. There are more chances to work productively and stay healthy when setting limits

Set your own pace, your own steps to success and respect them. Make sure you spend enough time on your own interests, sleep, social gatherings, physical activities and rest. Prevention is not as costly as the consequences. Research shows that setting boundaries and breaks in work schedules ensures greater efficiency and productivity at work.

3. Think what you will leave behind

No one will come to your funeral to talk about how fast you could respond to emails or how impressive your profile was on LinkedIn. Avoid thinking about “Goods for Life” and start focusing on “Good Life,” which psychologists characterize as the one that allows us to live and prosper through deep connection, understanding, care and presence.

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