Code of Good Manners: Top 20 Basic Rules

Here are 20 of the most important rules:

1. At theater, opera, gala or exhibitions, we will go dressed elegantly.

2. When we meet someone on the street, we will not stay in the middle of the street or in the middle of the sidewalk.

3. We will never interrupt our interlocutor during a discussion.

4. Self-representation is commonplace on a number of occasions: in a larger society, on request for a visit, to the presentation to the superior you have not yet met.

5. In a restaurant or bar, the man will always come first.

6. When we sneeze, cough or yawn, always put your hand to the mouth, regardless of the distance or relationship we have with a person. It is advisable to always carry our napkins or handkerchief.

7. At the entrance to the public transport, first the passengers are left to go out, after which the other passengers will enter

8. At the table, apply the “Glove rule”: Do not blow in food / tea / coffee! Wait for it to cool!

9. Every time a lady rises from the table or sits down, all men must get up with her.

10. A lady will never enter alone in a bar or local where acoolic drinks are predominantly sold.

11. The male is presented to the woman, the youngest of the eldest, and the inferior degree to the upper one.

12. In public transport: If a lady is accompanied by a man, he will buy his ticket and give him the place next to the window. If there is only one free place, he will be offered to the lady, and the gentleman will stand by her side. She will never leave her, hurrying to take a free spot when the occasion

13. How to Cut the Food from the Plate: The food piece should be cut just next to the fork. In addition, they cut themselves only for a sip, they do not do the “soldier”.

14. Do not speak on the phone during the meal. If you receive a very important call, you have to excuse yourself and get up from the table

15. After you finish eating, do not push the plate to the corner of the table! Wait for the waiter to come.

16. Do not call people on the phone before 10 am, between 13-17 and after 21, except for the ones you know the program.

17. A conventional call should not exceed 5 minutes!

18.If a gift does not like us, we will hide our dissatisfaction

19. The gift of a gift is very important.

20. Flowers do not go to men unless they are in the hospital.

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