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Potassium sources: foods that contain more potassium than a banana

This tropical fruit gives us a large amount of potassium (a banana contains somewhere at 422 mg of potassium), is a delicious and ideal snack for health, given the need our body has, from the heart and kidneys to the muscles and nervous system. Potassium plays an important role in the basic functioning of cells, but we announce that bananas are not the only source that contains this essential mineral. Many other foods can provide daily needs in our body, and even some of them contain more than a banana.

Bean lime (485 mg of potassium). Lima beans is rich in iron, fiber and contains a low amount of sugar and fat. Can be eaten either in salad or cooked, and to be easier to digest, must be allowed to soak overnight. Or, for a quick result, leave them boiled for 2 minutes, and then leave them for a few hours to rest, still in the water.

Potatoes (926 mg of potassium). What can we say about potatoes? They have few calories and also low cholesterol, saturated fat and are an ideal source of Vitamin B1, B3 and B6. The best way to consume them, to enjoy the amount of potassium, is with broccoli and cheese cheddar or cottage cheese without too much fat.

The dried plums (637 mg of potassium). Dried fruits are also rich in fiber. They are ideal alongside walnuts, cheese or yoghurt, but let’s not forget about the large amount of sugar they contain, and in stores we often find them with added sugar, which you should keep in mind when You limit your calorie consumption.

Avocado (690 mg of potassium). Even if you do not consume an avocado entirely, you can still enjoy a consistent dose of potassium along with vitamins A, C and E. Let’s not forget that this fruit is rich in healthy monounsaturated fats that help lower cholesterol levels.

Red melt (640 mg of potassium). Nothing compares during the summer days with melon, one of the fruits that contain huge amounts of water and keep us hydrated. In addition, we provide the necessary nutrients, including lycopene, which fight inflammation.

Sunflower seeds (480 mg of potassium). Here’s a quick snack when you’re on the run. You can even eat it in salads, enjoying the protein and vitamin B it contains. Just make sure they do not contain salt.

Spinach (840 mg of potassium). Popeye knew why he always consumed spinach. And not just because of potassium but also of magnesium, iron, fiber and vitamin C. Moreover, it is low in calories, sugar and fat and can be eaten in many ways, from sap with onion and garlic until to omelets or salads.

Orange juice (450 mg of potassium). Who does not love a glass of orange juice ?! If you prefer to consume the fruit directly, 2 medium oranges can provide you with the necessary amount of potassium. This way you also consume extra pulp fibers that are ideal for digestion. Ah, and let’s not forget about vitamin C. A lot of Vitamin C.

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