Mediterranean diet: how did I lose 2 pounds in 5 days without hurting myself

I never kept diets, and that’s because I did not need it. I have always been that kind of person who can eat anything without having to worry about extra pounds. When I was in teenage years, it seemed frustrating to me that I was weak. I was somewhere between 50 and 52 pounds, although I looked and felt less, and although all the girls in high school said they envied me for the way I looked, I was still trying to put a few extra pounds. I was putting them, but they were not seen, and that’s because I had a toned body because of the physical activities I was doing almost every day. I walked for more than half an hour, I respected the three meals a day, which were always at fixed hours, I did not miss the sports classes and I went to the volleyball training (even the appendix did not stop me from training in just a few days after the intervention), and when I had time I went to the gym.

Just what to see. I came to college, hired myself, gave up any activity, and began to feel (and see) how the pounds started to go around here. Because it was hard for me to share between college and service, and then the tiring master program, going to the gym was just a dream, and the attempts to make a monthly subscription turned into a failure. Still, I was trying to have a healthy diet and I was on the 80-20 principle, that is, 80% of the time I was eating healthy, 20% was making my head among the little innocent pleasures. Now, right after the Holidays, my curiosity pushed me … on the scales, and my 55 pounds turned quickly into 58. As never before. This is where my desire to make a change has started, namely, to start taking a diet for the first time, but a healthy diet that does not impose too many restrictions on me. So, after discovering the TOP of the Best Diet of 2019 and seeing the Mediterranean Diet rank first in numerous rankings, but especially the diet is perfectly suited to my culinary preferences, I decided to try it, especially that I did not make big food changes.

Mediterranean diet: health benefits

First of all, let me tell you a few words about the Mediterranean Diet, so you can figure out why it convinced me. It is a very easy diet, based on eating vegetables, fruits, whole wheat products, healthy nuts, seafood and fats, including olive oil and omega-3, and as much as possible eating red meat , sugar-containing foods and dairy products (except for Greek yoghurt and feta cheese). It has many health benefits, including reducing the risk of heart disease, lowering cholesterol, and reducing cardiovascular disease mortality. It also prevents cancer, especially breast and Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, but also the risk of type 2 diabetes. As for the menu, it is neither difficult to follow, nor costly or even embarrassed, the process Slimming is a healthy one.

In just 5 days I managed to get rid of 2 pounds, but the results may vary from one person to another, depending on age, metabolism, physical condition, and so on. In my 24-year-old, the results can be seen faster, because I have the metabolism of this kind to quickly burn calories. These days I have not experienced any hunger or sweet appetite, and it has not been difficult for me to respect the three main meals and two snacks. I tried to set up some hours to eat so I had a fixed program: breakfast was not taken until 10:00, lunch was somewhere at 12: 00-13: 00, never later, and dinner no later than 19:00. The two snacks are taken in the first part of the day, two hours after the main meals, and we do not forget the 2L of water a day. I made the food plan according to my preferences and budget, it suffered some minor changes from the usual menu, and the meal price for a week (breakfast, lunch and dinner) led me to less than 40 pounds, the list shopping is done as a book.

Mediterranean diet: five day menu


Breakfast: Greek yoghurt, oatmeal, raspberry

Lunch: green lettuce, tomatoes, corn, feta cheese, olives, cucumbers

Dinner: tuna in own juice, tomatoes, corn

Snacks: a fruit or a handful of almonds


Breakfast: Greek yoghurt with almonds

Lunch: chicken breast with vegetables

Dinner: tomato salad, corn, feta cheese

Snack: a fruit or a handful of almonds


Breakfast: omelette, onion and tomatoes

Lunch: salmon on grill with rice and vegetables

Dinner: grilled chicken breast with vegetables

Snack: a fruit or a handful of almonds


Breakfast: omelette with vegetables, cherry tomatoes and olives

Lunch: Greek yoghurt, almonds and raspberries

Dinner: salad with tuna, cherry tomatoes and corn

Snack: a fruit


Breakfast: oatmeal with raspberries

Lunch: chicken breast, rice and sweet potatoes

Dinner: green salad, chicken breast, cherry tomatoes, corn, olives, gherkins

Snack: a fruit or a handful of almonds

I have chosen to keep this diet not to weaken, but to help me have a balanced and healthy lifestyle without hurting myself. Of course, once you see the results and start to feel better in your body, you do not feel the need to change something in your diet. In addition, you do not have to be so trusted in the numbers that the scales show, because they can be wrong, or in the size of your clothes. In addition, there is a list of permitted foods that can be consumed in this diet, so changes can be made according to your preferences.

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