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Breakfast: delicious and protein-rich ideas

Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day and rightly so. How else should you start in the morning if not with extra energy and a delicious meal that will let you feel hungry and at the same time satisfy your taste buds. Moreover, breakfast can help you eat less during the day. Here are some delicious and healthy suggestions to start your day off.

Greek yogurt and berries. Greek yoghurt is a packet of proteins, but especially calcium and potassium, ideal for bones. For a daily breakfast, add to the berries and grains.

Pomegranate chives. Somewhere on two tablespoons chia seeds contain 5 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber. Once left soaked in liquid, chia seeds take the form of a pudding. Place a small amount of milk to cover and leave overnight in the refrigerator. In the morning you can eat alongside honey and fruit.

Protein-rich cereals. Not all types of cereals have the same nutritional value. Some of them do not contain too many proteins, while others can provide our daily needs, and this is due to the presence of walnuts and seeds.

Frittata with vegetables. With 6 grams of protein each, eggs are one of the best ways to start the morning. Frittata with vegetables can provide daily protein requirements and in less than 20 minutes is ready. So it’s a healthy and fast breakfast.

Smoked salmon. Smoked salmon is a ritual every morning in the Scandinavian countries. It is rich in omega-3, protein and can be eaten with frittata, omelets or even classic toast with lean cheese.

Toast with peanut butter. Forget the maple syrup and make a change: peanut butter. Two tablespoons of peanut butter contain 7 grams of protein, fatty acids and vitamins and helps not only improve health, but also weight loss. It can also be eaten with smoothies or a full bowl of whole grain.

Fruit cottage cheese. And for this food we can talk about the presence of proteins, but also of amino acids that help to restore the muscles.

Puree quinoa. These low-density seeds are a complete protein package. For breakfast you can serve quinoa as a porridge, with your favorite topping: cinnamon, fresh fruit or nuts.

Smoothie with strawberries. For a protein-rich drink, you can opt for a complex smoothie. Mix the strawberries, banana, milk and a few ice cubes in blender, and for extra protein choose Greek yoghurt or cocoa powder.

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