What happens in your body when you hate your job

Each of us happens to have bad days at work, but there are certain signs that we should not neglect when office weeks are getting worse, especially as stress can affect our health. Many people are absorbed by toxic jobs, a problem that both employees and employers need to address. The body can transmit alarm signals by which you can easily realize that your workplace is responsible for the symptoms of stress, unpleasant disposition, or changes you face.

You can not sleep. We often hear people who say they have sleepless nights due to stress, problems or office tasks. Some sleepless nights are not worrying, but if this becomes a habit, this is a sign that work is a stressful environment that becomes toxic to your health.

Headaches and muscle aches appear. The muscles become tense, especially in the area of the neck, shoulders and head, causing migraines and headaches. Stress creates psychological symptoms that manifest as pain.

Mental health deteriorates. Office stress can lead to various disorders, including depression.

You get sick often. If you cool enough often, the researchers have the answer: it has been discovered that chronic stress can compromise the immune system, making it prone to flu and cold.

You lose interest in sex. The way you spend your time counts a lot. When you take home with you at work, your relationships can suffer from your partner, to those with your loved ones, family or friends. Relative to partner, office stress can reduce sexual desire. In addition, for men, chronic stress can result in low testosterone production, which leads to decreased libido.

The stomach gives you headaches, and the appetite changes. Indigestion, constipation, bloating, all of these are associated with stress. In addition, stress affects diet due to the production of cortisol, a hormone that increases the hunger. When you are emotionally stressed because of work, you tend to get rid of food.

Ways of combating

Take a break. If you feel that you are going through these changes, your body deserves a break. This way you can detach yourself from the workplace and the responsibilities you have and you can give yourself more time. Relax, meditate, or do exercises to help eliminate stress-related symptoms.

Get rid of negative thinking. The way we think affects our mood. Not everyone can quit the current job, but it can work on the way of thinking it has to keep the situation under control.

Make a change. If you simply have to work in a toxic environment that can affect your health regardless of the ways in which you try to look at things and control them, the best solution is to look for a job.

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