5 kinds of liars: how to recognize them and how to behave towards them

Lying is terrible and destructive, because it causes pain and hurts the one who has been lied. But did you know there were different kinds of liars? To effectively deal with each of them, it is important to recognize the type of liar you are dealing with. In the next article, we will highlight the five main types of liars.

The “white” liars (through omission)

We often tend to see “white” lies as not real lies. People who say white lies often feel these types of lies are beneficial or at least harmless. The white liars often say only part of the truth, so they are wrong to believe they do not lie at all. Sometimes a person can use “white lies” when trying to protect someone from the truth if he feels the truth could hurt the person next to him.

The unscrupulous liars

They are very different from the “white liars” because they lie all the time and do not really care about the ethics of their lies. Most people are aware of the fact that “unscrupulous liars” are rogue. You have to be aware that this kind of person will never change, so it would be good not to make friends.

Casual liars

There are some people who say a lie just occasionally. One of the positive things about casual liars is that they do not have the habit of lying. They usually feel guilty, admit the lies said and seek forgiveness.

Compulsive liars (pathologists)

Compulsive liars are people who have a strong lie in them. Lying is their default way of answering questions. No matter how small or large the problem, no matter how serious or insignificant it is, compulsive liars will always circumvent the truth. Generally, they feel very uncomfortable telling the truth. According to psychology, this habit is formed from childhood. The individual may have been in environments and situations where the lie was the only option. At the same time, compulsive liars are not necessarily manipulators; they just lie because of the usual, not because of their ill-treatment. When dealing with this type of liar, you need to have a lot of care and tact.

The sociopathic liars

Are without a doubt the worst of all kinds of liars. They are lying as much as necessary to get their own interest, not to feel their feelings or the lives of others. For them, lie is part of their strategy in life. Rushiness and guilt are foreign feelings for them. When you encounter such a liar, depending on the situation, you should be very careful, because these people are very manipulative and cunning. If you are involved in a relationship with a sociopath lying, you have to be open to the idea of ending that relationship, because the sociopath lying is very difficult to change.

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