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The development of cancer could be based on a single cell

cancer-cell-wall_1024Cancer still remains an irritating and incurable disease. Also, the toxic effects of chemotherapy and radiation make the treatment as harmful as the disease. Even after treatment, the disease may recur, and the tumors can spread.

In a new study, researchers have identified a single target that should be destroyed to treat the condition. They identified and isolated cells from various cancerous tumors, which were called by specialists as “home cells,” Science Alert writes.

Experiments on cancer cells have shown that stem cells – representing 0.2% of the entire cancer cell population – have a special feature. They generate a lot of energy and proliferate rapidly. Michael P. Lisanti, a specialist at Salford University, said, “We believe that these cells of origin have escaped the process of senescence – the natural aging of cellulite and their death – which is a healthy life cycle of a cell.”

These are considered to be the first cancer cells that lead to the uncontrolled cellular multiplication process leading to tumor formation. These cancer stem cells grow independently, a process known as the growth of suspension.


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