Vitamin D – “Sun Vitamin” is so important to the human body! How to be healthy with the sun

Vitamin D is sometimes called “sun vitamin” because it is produced in the body under the influence of ultraviolet rays. We are still told for a while to avoid sunlight, because it increases the likelihood of cancer. Sunlight is the main accused of many health problems. Numerous experts repeat the warning: “Avoid sunlight – harm the health.” We forget that the energy of the Sun is essential to all that lives on our planet.

Let’s talk a little about the sunlight, concentrating not on the potential dangers, but on the benefits it gives us. Our body produces vitamin D under the influence of the sun’s rays. The main function of this vitamin is to facilitate the assimilation of calcium. It is also essential for blood clotting and the functioning of the heart and nervous system.

Vitamin D deficiency (caused by inadequate sun exposure) seriously affects metabolic processes and leads to poor blood vessel function. They will not prevent bacteria from penetrating into the blood, which weakens the body’s defense mechanisms. We become more sensitive to climate change and more susceptible to infection. Thus, the overall level of our health is at risk due to inappropriate amounts of vitamin D, resulting in deficiency of calcium and its salts.

We can not rely on consumed food or formulations to ensure an adequate flow of vitamin D. It must be produced naturally by our own body under the influence of sunlight.
Our primitive ancestors, living their lives outdoors, did not suffer from vitamin D deficiency. Some primitive tribes that exist today are not affected by this problem either. The city is mainly confronted by people in cities, where the amount of sunlight entering homes through windows is very low.

We must not forget that exposure to sunlight should occur at reduced doses of 20-30 minutes a day. Use it for the benefits of health, not for a beautiful tanned skin. Research shows that the most suitable time for the beach is in the morning, between Sunrise and 10am. Between 10 am and 5 am, the sun’s rays are too intense and burn our skin, leading to premature aging. Japanese professor Nishi has discovered that some aquatic and aerobic exercise can stimulate the production of vitamin D in our body. That’s why it would be a good idea to make ourselves the habit of alternating daily hot and cold showers in the morning and evening. Regular use of the sauna also helps in synthesizing vitamin D. When our bronze darkens, the production of vitamin D becomes slower. That’s why, when our skin has tan enough, it’s better to spend more time in the shade. Sunlight is an invaluable gift of nature. Used wisely, her energy is beneficial to health.

There is an important vitamin D detail. It is found in the glands in our skin. The more we wash our skin with artificial cosmetics, the more vitamin we send out of the body. That does not mean we have to give up hygiene. After using synthetic products for washing, it is a good idea to rub the skin with natural vegetable products containing oils. If not the whole body, at least the hands and feet, because there is mainly synthesis of vitamin D. It is even better to prepare the oil by adding two drops of rose petals in a bottle of 200 milliliters of vegetable oil, leaving the whole complex in the dark for about seven days. The bottle can be kept in hand and used after washing dishes or laundry. Our skin acts as a double filter. It removes toxins from the body and absorbs calcium.

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