The surprising benefits of chia seeds

If there is a food that can be called holy, it must be Chia! Full of vitamins and minerals, helping to regulate weight, controlling sweet appetite and fighting against free radicals, these seeds are truly a wonder for health with infinite benefits!

Here are 8 reasons to start eating right now!

There is talk about them all over the world. You’ve heard about them, you’ve certainly seen them everywhere in the stores, you’ve heard the stars talking about them, and yet you still do not know why they’re so high in glory.

Chia, which is the word Maya for “power,” is part of the mente’s family. Full of minerals, vitamins and fatty acids that help the body fight the daily “aggressors”, Chia seeds are used for hundreds of years!

Before I tell you the reasons why you should eat them, I will tell you what they contain and, believe me, you will be amazed!

Five times more calcium than milk
3 times more antioxidants than blueberries
Three times as much iron as spinach
2 times more protein than any other grains, seeds or not
2 times more potassium than a banana

And if I have not convinced you, here are the reasons why you MUST start eating Chia!

It helps to appease cravings and hunger!

They are full of fiber, which gives you the feeling of satiety and takes away any chocolate appetite. In addition to being very easy to digest, it helps keep this feeling of satiety for a long time and regulates your appetite.

They are extremely versatile!

The most wonderful thing about these seeds is that their flavor is very poor. While some people say they have no taste, others say they have a slight hazelnut flavor. Thanks to this, you can add them to any kind of food without worrying about the taste of the preparation. Whether you put them in cereals, rice, or salad, they are just as healthy!

They have a protective role!

It protects you from harmful environmental factors such as pollution, alcohol, cigarette smoke or UV rays. For optimal protection, try to consume Chia every day. In addition to being powerful nutrients that help destroy free radicals, they are also the most “long-lived” ones, remaining fresh for a long time.

They are a natural source of energy!

If you want something to keep you awake all day, Chia seeds are the answer! Also, if you want something to “plug you in” before going to the hall, all Chia is the answer!

It assures you a wasp waist!

No, it’s not a joke! Chia seeds are the solution to keep you fit: in combination with stomachs, it forms a structure that will keep you hungry for a long time, also helping digestion!

Helps build muscle!

Thanks to the fact that it gives you energy and is rich in fiber, perfectly digested proteins and helps regenerate tissues, Chia seeds are the perfect ally when you want a well-defined, well-defined body.

Relieves joint pain!

Are you suffering from joint pain? Omega-3 acids that contain Chia seeds (yes, you can take a break from the tone), help reduce or even completely stop the pains of the joints!

They have a detoxifying effect!

Due to detoxifying properties, Chia seeds function as a 100% natural “detergent” for your body! Think of Chia as a vacuum cleaner – besides filling you with beneficial vitamins and minerals, you are also “aspiring” all the harmful substances in the body, helping to completely clean the digestive system.

I convinced you? I hope yes! Because if you read all the way, you should not just be convinced, but you should already be on your way to the natural shop!

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