The simplest way to win a person’s trust

When we talk to someone, we want the interlocutor not to doubt our sayings. Unfortunately, not everything we say is perceived correctly.

In order to gain someone’s trust, the most important are the eyes, no matter how strange it seems to you. When communicating with a person, we do not control how our eyes react to what happens, but according to them the person will trust us.

In gaining one’s confidence pupils play a decisive role. The more pupils are dilated, the more trust we have in the interlocutor. It has long been thought that dilation and narrowing of pupils is an uncontrolled process. It turned out, however, that this is not true. To enlarge your pupils is enough to imagine yourself in a dark room.
With this little trick of your eyes you can gain the trust of all, because if your pupils are sufficiently dilated, the other is ready, subconsciously, to consider you a serious person.

This is not the only way you can win the trust of others. You must keep eye contact. The sporadic visual contact suggests lack of interest, distractions and even bad faith.

Here are other tricks to win people’s trust:

1. Stay straight

If you want to be a leader in any field, you have to ask yourself how you keep your shoulders. Body language is much more important than you suppose (in fact it counts 90%, and verbal only 10%). If you sit down with your shoulders you suggest a lack of confidence in you or just a lack of effort. If you want others to think of yourself as a confident and capable person, sit straight / straight, with shoulders on your back.

2. Open arms

When it comes to arms, remember to keep an open posture. If you keep them stiff or trapped behind you will look theatrical, and if you cross them to the chest you will look threatening / threatening. So try to keep your arms as relaxed and open as possible.

3. Hand grip

Handgrip should be firm, but not so much as to crush the hand of the other person. When you meet someone, make sure you look him / her in the eye. A second of visual contact and a smile associated with your handshake will do wonders for gaining confidence.

4. I will be your mirror

Perhaps the best way you can win someone’s trust is to let them know you know what he wants to tell you. When you talk to someone, practice the mirroring of his emotions – he nods your head to show that you are interested, smiles when he speaks good news and frowns when he talks about problems. Make sure you show empathy when you talk to someone if you want to prove that you are a trusted person.

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