Foods that cleanse the colon

At the risk of annoying repulsion, we have to say that the organ in our body called colon gathers all kinds of toxic materials and, if it is not cleaned in time, they can begin to decompose. This may favor the appearance of parasites, spastic colon (irritable) and colorectal cancer.

One extra portion of fiber

First of all, you need to increase fiber intake to get rid of debris accumulated in the colon and to keep your digestive system healthy. Whole grain, oatmeal, brown rice and whole grains such as wheat flakes help detoxify the colon.

Also, hazelnut snacks, rice cookies, sunflower seeds between main meals, beans or lentils are very good choices for colon cleansing. All the more, the more they provide protein and vitamin B intake.

Choose green

Include green leafy vegetables in your daily diet to keep toxins from the colon. Spinach, peas, lettuce and cabbage provide nutrients and are great sources of soluble and insoluble fiber.

A teaspoon of Spirulina powder taken occasionally causes cleansing of the intestinal tract through chlorophyll content and helps repair damaged tissues.

Water from abundance

Drink plenty of daily water to provide a healthy colon – we know, sometimes it can be difficult, because many of us “survive” with a sure glass of water a day. By consuming the right amount of water every day, you can keep constipation away, keep your skin clean and hydrated, and protect yourself from colon cancer.

The simple habit of consume water on a regular basis will have more positive effects on the digestive system than any supplement bought from the pharmacy.

One apple a day

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Why? Because it keeps your colon healthy. Apples, grapes and other water-based fruits, such as red watermelon, “wash” the parasite system and the toxins that favor the installation of diseases.

Detoxification with juice

While fresh fruit is good for colon and intestinal health, fruit juice supplies the necessary vitamins to the colon and the body, removes excess fecal material and controls its elimination. Regularly consumed instead of carbonated juices and coffee, orange juice or apple juice helps increase immunity and quickly eliminate toxins.

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