The dark secret of drug companies: billions of dollars, beautifully packaged

Unlike scientific, authentic medical research that is rigorous, slow and long-term, “research” in medicine by smaller firms and early on to sell certain products or services is extremely rapid. In other words, these companies are giving up caution to sell as much and as quickly as possible, according to a study recently published in the European Journal of Clinical Investigation.

The study found dozens of companies of this kind who had big profits without publishing much or not at all in peer-reviewed journals, writes Futurism.

It has also been found that Silicon Valley firms have received funding of at least one billion dollars, and more than half have failed or neglected to support claims of rigorous scientific studies.

Often, companies have published what John Ioannidis, the co-author of the paper, Stanford researcher, called the “secret study.” This type of research is mainly composed of internal, private studies that are more likely to be pressurized than a critical analysis.

Ioannidis was one of the first to draw attention to the problems of Theranos, an organization that has perfected the “art” of this type of research. Business Insider shows that the company has managed to reach $ 9 billion before anyone realizes that the science and technology needed for the treatments they’re promoting did not work.

According to the new study, we will most likely also witness the collapse of a future Theranos or several such firms; as investors realize that what appears to be a revolutionary medical achievement is just a nicely packed farce.

The study did not predict which companies would not cope with scientific rigor, but they determined how many companies had published papers in specialized journals and how many kept everything behind closed doors; and many of them could do better.

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