The great secret to being happy in life, revealed by an Indian wise – are just 8 steps

Many years ago, he lived in India a wise man, who is said to watch in a delightful box a great secret that made him winner in all aspects of his life and who, for this, is considered the happiest man in the world. Many envious kings have given him power and money and tried to rob him to take his trunk, but everything was in vain. And the more they tried, the more unfortunate they were, for envy did not give them peace. So years passed and the wise was every day happier.

One day a child came to him and said,
“Sir, just like you, I want to be very happy too. Why do not you teach me what I have to do to succeed? “
The wise man, seeing the child’s simplicity and purity, said,
“I will teach you the secret to be happy. Come with me and be very careful. “

“In reality, there are two cups in which I keep the secret to being happy and these are: my mind and my heart and the great secret is nothing more than a series of steps you have to make throughout your life.”

The first step is to know that God exists in all things in life, and for this you must love and be grateful for all the things that you have and all the things that happen to you.

The second step is to love yourself and every day, when you wake up and before you fall asleep, you have to say, “I am important, I have value, I am capable, I am intelligent, I am loving, I expect a lot from me , there is no obstacle I can not defeat. “This step is called high self-esteem.

– And the last step: always wake up with a twist on your lips and observe your surroundings, seeking to discover in every way his good and beautiful part; help those who need it, without thinking that you will not receive anything in return; When you look at someone, discover its qualities.

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