How to become a successful man?

First of all, I want to thank you for the opportunity to share these practical ideas with you. Every article I write is read by thousands of people, and the encouragements received and the results of the people I interact with make me keep going. I propose to you, with your permission, to set a brick chosen by you at the foundation of something that can be wonderful for you.
I like to dream and learn something: that dreams can only become reality if you have dreamed. It’s true, not all dreams come true because we humans have too much imagination. However, we have to dream to have dreams to be fulfilled.

Success is a controversial topic. All the people you admire and that you say are successful are people who want more. Some people are unbalanced and in spite of the millions of euros in their accounts, they are unhappy, and others are zero in the account and live their lives, and they are happy and therefore successful. I do not want to have the success of having or not money, of realizing something specific or not, but I want to succeed only by what you think is the reason your life deserves to be lived and to be a way of self-fulfillment.

What does your life mean to your hobby? Maybe you’re already guessing! It is the key to success!

Hobby means pleasure, means dedication, means intensity, means action, means priority, means frequency, means to live the moment with every part of your body. But the hobby also involves doing just an activity at your leisure. Why just have a hobby when all your life, minute by minute, could become your number one hobby. There are millions of things to say about what your life means as your hobby, which is why in this article we will focus on three important things that can transform your life into your main hobby.

The three things we will discuss now are:

1.Take decisions! The permanent decisions you make will make your life your number one priority!

2.Daily Success: Your life consists of the sum of all the moments of each day

3. Your Circle of Excellence: Your success is also given by the media of the success of the people around you

  1. Take a decision now!
    The difference between successful and non-successful people is first and foremost the decisions that the former take and how they make these decisions. I’m not just referring to the genius inspiration that can make a great entrepreneur invest at the right time in the right company. I especially refer to the ability of successful people to decide quickly and when appropriate. These people make many decisions, some good and some less good – but make decisions when they need to. So get used to making more decisions now. It is advisable to even take decisions that take you out of comfort – such decisions that involve a major shift of routine – because these are actually decisions that enlarge your perspective.

Basically, I invite you right now to make a punctual decision while reading these words. It can be a career decision, it can be a financial, spiritual or family affair, it can be related to the acquisition of a new habit or an aspect of your life that you want to improve. How easy is it to make a decision? What does it mean to make a decision? Maybe it’s a good one or maybe the other way round! You surely wonder if the decision you want to take is a good one or a 100% correct one.

I would like you to understand that such decisions (100% correct) simply do not exist. Do you want certainties? I have news: you were born on planet Earth, where the only thing that is certain is that one day you will not be. So I think it’s just as natural to assume that any decision you’ll ever take will bring with you a degree of uncertainty about the results. The mistake many people make is that they constantly postpone making decisions because they are not sure whether the decisions or choices are correct. Without making decisions, we virtually cancel out any chance of ever progressing. Therefore, I read only after you have made a decision because your time is precious and you can skillfully use it for something other than to weigh options without ever stopping one. If you are not willing to assume this uncertainty of the decisions you make, your life will probably not improve considerably in the coming years. At best it stagnates if it does not even degrade.

Get used to making decisions and constantly improving your decisions. The longer you train, the better you will be able to make better decisions, decisions that define you more and more. Did I challenge you? Did you make a decision or continue to delay, thinking whether it is good or bad? The decision, like your dream or your desire, must come from within, otherwise you will quickly give up a decision, either because you will be discouraged by the uncertainty of the result, or because you will lose your energy. Choose to enjoy every moment and build your life exactly what you want! And you can not do it without making decisions.

Do you want to have well educated children, but do not spend at least 30 minutes with them a day? Do you want to have an income of 100,000 E / yr, but do you just complain about the current salary? Do you want to be a general manager of a large corporation, but do not educate yourself properly and have not opened a 2-year book and you have not been to a five-year course? Do you want iron health, but do you eat in a totally inappropriate way? Here are some examples of decisions you might take. Whatever you want, today and every day can be achieved. The decisions you make will define your future success, or a large part of it. All you have to do is decide to do something about it.

If you delay, you do not have to worry, many people do it. But I want you to understand that in the absence of a decision, this article will not help you much and no one else can help you. Be the director of your own future now, guide you how you want your life to look, not just an actor in stories written by others. So take a decision now and then read on. Your actions and results are dictated by the decisions you make on a daily basis. Everyday you can be a successful man and your life becomes your hobby.

  1. Be a successful person every day

Do you know what success is? You probably have a definition, but allow me an approach to fit your definition. Success is what you do now, is what you think, is what you feel, is what you do every day. Once, the decision you have made now, the decisions you will make, the reading of this article as well as other materials that you will go through will be part of the success that will define you in the future. You can look at anyone in the world and you will notice that in most cases no one has become what is called successful overnight. They traveled a journey of daily success that is still going on, and all the decisions they took took them there.
First of all, I recommend that you no longer see success as a destination, but as a trip. When you have precise objectives and you will enjoy the journey, surely the prospect of success can change, the journey itself being the one that really defines you and not necessarily the final destination. Imagine a place where you would like to go on vacation. Maybe it’s a place with palm trees and hot sand, maybe it’s a place with green meadows, giant pines, and snowfalls. Now imagine that all your life is in that place. Do you never feel the need to go on holiday? Of course, yes, because the fulfillment is not given by the place itself but by the experience of the entire traveler. View your daily success because your life is not a bunch of destinations but a long and wonderful travel suite.

Now, thinking about the decision that I challenged you to take, the first thing you can do is have an agenda in which to schedule and write down everything you do about that decision. Does your decision make your life your hobby? If a day has passed and you have done nothing, it is not the end of the world, the next day you can recover, it is important to remain persevering and focused on the result. Every man can have the life he wants only if he makes a decision in this regard and makes the choices that he can not, it does not work, it is too hard or other such ideas. You are a successful man every day, breathe success and self-fulfillment whatever you want.

Thinking about what you want to change in your life, your daily agenda should look exactly like the person you want to become. And this must happen today and always today is the decisive point. Tomorrow will be just the result of what you do today. If you expect your life to change miraculously one day, well, most likely, this will only happen if you start making decisions now and every day. Maybe you will choose to bet on luck, it is a good book that can get you in your way, but you should rely on luck just as a bonus, not as the main stake. Now we will also take a first step on your daily agenda, and we will learn how to skillfully use your time by increasing your circle of excellence.

  1. Expand the circle of your excellence

You first dream, then make decisions, and then act. We talked about dreams, we decided that you had to make decisions, and we will continue discussing an action to include in your daily agenda. Your life is happening every day, and for your life to be your hobby it is necessary to allocate energy and resources every day. An optimal way in which you can allocate this energy is to enlarge and improve the circle of personal influence, hereafter called the circle of your excellence.
What is this circle of excellence? You are a man who breathes and you live your life the way you did it and you will do it to yourself, but you do not live alone in the forest but most of the time you live in very large communities, whether you are real or virtual. The people you have around you (the circle of your excellence) will define your visitor in one way or another. Their mentality will influence you. I’ll tell you a story to understand more precisely what I mean when I say the circle of your excellence. I met Sorin, a clever guy who wanted to open a business, and said,

  • Marian, I’ve been thinking for four years and I do not know what to do!
    I asked him:
  • Why have not you done anything before?
  • Because I do not know if it’s gonna work!
    “How did you get that conclusion?” I asked him.
    “Well, I asked all my acquaintances, and they all thought it would not work!”
  • I understand, let me ask you, how many of the people you asked have profitable business?
  • They’re my friends, they do not have business!
    …. ….

The dialogue continued, and Sorin opened his business. Now Sorin has a business with 14 employees and has an income of about seven times higher than before. And he loves what he does!

No wonder he had not opened a business because the circle of his excellence was not a good one for opening a business. When you want to do something, do not ask for advice from those who did not do the job, but go to the people who are already doing the job, as Sorin did after the discussion with me. The circle of your excellence is the people you have around you. If you want to change something in your life, for example financially, do not ask for advice from those who did not run a business. Extend your circle of excellence to other people, and these people, even if they will not do anything concrete to you, will influence your thinking, and by changing your way of thinking, you are changing your life. Now think about your life, what do you want to change and then check who is in the circle of your excellence: are there people who can help you, who can inspire you? Sorin had a limit he had set himself by the merest circle of excellence he had to deal with. Sorin, expanding his circle of people he interacts with, changed his circle of excellence, and was successful. You can do the same with any aspect of your life.

A golden rule is to surround you with as many people as you like to become. Even when we think of a better couple’s life, think to include in your circle of excellence people who have a good couple life. You decide who is part of the circle of your excellence, for the simple reason that it is your life! You will be influenced positively and learn habits that lead to a better couple life. I have noticed friendly families and you know something, they work and vice versa, both families have problems, and the meetings turned into separate sex discussions where everyone was complaining. They met to tell their problems, not to feel good. The solution for such families is to find other couples in which the partners understand and live in harmony, so that can bring something good in your life.

So what should be on your daily agenda related to your decision or decisions? The answer is believed to have been: Expansion of your Circle of Excellence. Look for people who have made good decisions that resonate with the decisions you’ve made. The more you broaden your circle of excellence, the more you gain. What I propose is not a theoretical approach, it is an approach that will take you closer to your goals, whatever you want. If you think you can not do this, maybe you are not ready and you can take into account the Romanian saying: Who resembles, gathers or Tell me what friends you have to tell you who you are!

I urge you to include in your daily agenda the widening of the circle of excellence. You can go to meetings, conferences, courses, seminars, you can reach people online, etc. You can do anything that takes you where people are like to the man you want to become. They admire these people and let them be influenced by them.

For dreams to become reality, you must first dream, then decide, and then be a successful person every day!

Remember and apply:

  1. Take decisions and no longer defer. Make the life you want!
  2. Be a successful man every day!
  3. Expand your circle of excellence!

Your life becomes your hobby if you make decisions every day! The more often you decide, like performing athletes who are always training, the better you make decisions. Every decision must be followed by concrete actions, and the most important actions are today, are the basis of your daily success. Then get out of the shell and go to the people you can learn. Hobby means passion and dedication! You have to dedicate yourself to your life, no matter what your goals are, and dedication and pleasure at the same time can exist every day. Enjoy life and let yourself shine.

If you liked this article, comment on it, share it with your acquaintances or loved ones, send it to someone you think it needs and, starting today, be a successful man and be the director of your own future! Dare to dream, make further decisions, act as such and widen your circle of excellence.

Before any hobby that you ask, is your life the most important hobby?

Take decisions now that make life worth living every day, here and now!

I wish you the strength and the will to shine!

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