How to spontaneously gain people’s trust

If we pass it on to all other facial expressions, they will return the same expression back. It has been scientifically proven that a positive reaction to a smiling figure is deeply rooted in the brain.

Facial phrases

A smile always says, “I am glad to see you and accept you as you are.” That’s why everyone likes the people who smile all the time (an example could be babies who insinuate the day of any adult).

Professor Ruth Campbell of University College London has discovered a “mirror-neuron” located in the brain that activates the part responsible for recognizing human figures and expressions and producing almost instantaneously a mirror reaction.

In other words, whether we are aware of this or not, we automatically reproduce the expressions we see in those who surround us at a particular moment or in a particular situation.
In humans, smile has almost the same fines as the other primates. It shows the person we are dealing with is not a danger and asks us to accept us as we are. And this reaction is very well fixed in the brain.

That’s why regular smile is probably our most important skill that must be developed as part of body language repertoire even when we are not in the mood to smile because it directly influences the attitudes of others and the way the face reacts by our person.

Friction is a negative facial expression when we interact with the other because the interlocutor can either think we do not like it or have a critical attitude towards him. If you are a person who has the habit of frowning, try to keep your hand on your forehead when you talk to disclose yourself of this destructive habit.

In conclusion, when we smile to someone, the person will turn our smile almost always. This attitude produces positive feelings within both interlocutors due to the cause-effect phenomenon.

Studies show that most of the meetings will take place more smoothly, will last longer, have better results, and will dramatically improve relationships with people around us, but only if we make a habit of regular smile and laughing often . It would be best to apply these procedures until the smile gets into the reflex.

It has also been shown that smile and laughter not only improve interpersonal relationships with our fellow men, but also strengthen the immune system, protect ourselves from disease and function as a medicine for the body. Moreover, smiles inspire ideas, attract more friends and enrich their lives.

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