15 predictions made by Bill Gates in 1999. Unbelievable how many became reality in 2019!

In 1999, Bill Gates publishes in a book called Business @ The Speed of Thought 15 predictions about how technology will influence everyday life.

Despite the fact that only 20 years have passed since that time, the American billionaire has been more inspired than ever in his allegations.

Here are the 15 Bill Gates predictions made in 1999 that have proven to be true:

1. The appearance of sites that will allow buyers to compare prices.

2. Mobile devices that will allow users to read news, check flight tickets, obtain financial information, and more.

3. People will pay their bills, take care of their finances and communicate directly with doctors on the internet.

4. Personal digital assistants will appear, which will connect and synchronize all the electronic devices in the house in a smart way.

5. You will be able to monitor your home with video cameras that will transmit live information.

6. Private sites for friends and family will appear, where you can communicate and plan events (Social Media).

7. There will be software services that will know when you plan a vacation and use this information to suggest things to do at destination, as well as offers and discounts.

8. While watching a sporting competition on TV, services will allow you to comment live on the subject and even vote on who you think will win.

9. Devices will have smart advertising, they will know what you buy and will show ads according to your preferences.

10. Televisions will include links to relevant sites and content related to what you see on TV.

11. City residents will be able to discuss the issues of the online community.

12. Online communities will not be influenced by the places you are in, but rather by your interests.

13. There will be software for managing a team for professional environments.

14. There will be online recruitment services for jobs and employees.

15. Companies will be able to organize online auctions for projects.

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