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What to eat for a flat abdomen: 7-day menu

At the beginning of the year, each of us sets our goals. Some plan to travel more, to give birth to new projects or to increase their family, while others are thinking about how to lose weight healthy and effectively. If this is your wish list, we’ve prepared for you ideas of preparations to help you in your 7-day plan for a plan abdomen, so your journey to a perfect body will be easy and delicious.

First of all, you need to keep in mind certain strict rules, including:

• Choosing the best ingredients – always opts for organic foods;

• Avoid processed food. You will see that by removing these foods from the diet, the diet will be effective;

• Flexibility. If you notice ingredients that you do not like or simply cause you allergies, replace them with other ones. For example, shrimp can be replaced with other foods rich in protein;

• Drink water. It is important not to forget to consume the 2 liters of water a day;

• Talk to a specialist about these changes in diet and see if they really fit you, depending on your health.

DAY 1- Menu for a flat abdomen

Breakfast: Frittata with vegetables- is an ideal way to start your morning with vegetables and protein. Another plus that this preparation brings to the diet is that it is very easy to do.

Lunch: Burrito. A super simple burrito can ease your hunger, especially if you opt for healthy ingredients and rich in protein and fiber. Among the main ingredients it should contain beans, spinach leaves and a small amount of cheese. You can add salsa on top, but make sure it does not contain added sugar.

Dinner: Spaghetti Squash or pumpkin spaghetti. Here’s a recipe that greatly replaces carbohydrates and is the conventional alternative to pasta.

DAY 2- Menu for a flat abdomen

Breakfast: Oats with yogurt and fruit, left overnight. Imagine that you wake up and have a nutritious breakfast without having to prepare it anymore.

Lunch: Wrap with green lettuce. Forget about carbohydrate-rich bread and replace it with green lettuce to make your favorite sandwich.

Dinner: Salmon and asparagus. Salmon has numerous benefits for the health of the brain and the heart. Ideal is to consume it once a week.

DAY 3- Menu for a flat abdomen

Breakfast: Toast with avocado. Take a slice of whole wheat bread, spread avocados, and on top a egg is prepared according to your preferences.

Lunch: Peanut Butter and Fruit Butter. Peanut butter is very consistent, and consumed alongside berries or bananas can be a great and delicious meal.

Dinner: Burger with turkey. Forget the traditional burger and choose a healthy choice of turkey meat. Do not forget about tomato slices and lettuce, and for an unusual result you can also use avocados served with sweet potatoes.

DAY 4- Menu for a flat abdomen

Breakfast: Green Smoothie. Green smoothies are always an excellent idea for a healthy breakfast. Add green vegetables, a banana, a few blueberries and a little milk depending on the desired consistency to get a smooth smoothie.

Lunch: A healthy mix: boiled vegetables, boiled eggs, cheese, roasted nuts and, separately, fruits.

Dinner: Kebab. Choose the healthy option, that with meat without too much fat and no fried foods and sauces.

DAY 5- Menu for a flat abdomen

Breakfast: Vegetable salad. This could be something different so you have a high protein breakfast. So, sweet potatoes, spinach, boiled eggs and avocados are the main ingredients in this meal.

Lunch: Salad with tuna, tomatoes and corn. Here’s another extremely delicious salad that provides the necessary nutrients.

Dinner: Greek Salad. As you’ve figured out, day 5 is the salad day, so Greek salad is the ideal alternative for a meal rich in protein.

DAY 6- Menu for a flat abdomen

Breakfast: Greek yoghurt with berries and wheat. Although it seems a dessert, this breakfast provides the necessary energy at the beginning of the day.

Lunch: Greek Salad. You can even use the Greek salad left on day 5.

Dinner: Quinoa. Rice can easily be replaced by quinoa, and for a healthy meal to help you get rid of hunger, you can eat it with vegetables and chicken breast.

DAY 7 – Menu for a flat abdomen

Breakfast: Banana pancakes. Rinses can also be healthy if cooked properly, and bananas are ideal for a hearty breakfast.

Lunch: Salad. We come back to the salad series, this time with a somewhat more complex mixture: spinach leaves, boiled eggs, tomatoes, chicken breast, oil and vinegar.

Dinner: Sweet potatoes with chicken breast. Easy to cook, but especially delicious, this preparation is a healthy one that can help you at any time in the diet.

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