Self-confidence: 5 things that hinder you

Many of us are confronted with self-confidence and, according to psychologist Angela Nutu, this is built step by step, each personal victory and every new learning experience playing a crucial role in this endeavor. Trust itself can be a joke to interact successfully with people around you, and to gain self-confidence, there are five mistakes you have to avoid. For this, you need to work on your own person and forget the negative experiences that brought you in this situation.

“If you want to be confident, you have to consciously move out of the comfort zone, start having an initiative and look for new experiences. In this way you will gain knowledge and discover what your limits are and how you can overcome them. You come to understand more about others but also about yourself, which will make you love and accept both others and yourself, “explains the specialist.

Self-confidence: 5 things that hinder you

Opinion of those around too important. Many of judgments we hit and opinions negative people around us are not always constructive criticism and honest of which we can extract something. Eventually, not depend on the opinion of anyone, and everything you’ll make will be to offend yourself.

“We live in society and are therefore subject automatically judgment of others. Most of times, However, is a judgment worthless because often views negative that you receive are not constructive criticism and honest of which we can extract something. Many people designing their own frustrations and you have no reason to let those frustrations to reach in your system. Don’t report so much to feedback negative that you get because there is a risk not to you can leave than hardly of the film respectively. Don’t blame and you’re not slight before a (relative) unsuccessful. And in any case you don’t let prey expectations others from you, thinking as independent values yourself and loves you. Not depend think anyone nor do you need approval. Learn to you don’t autojigneşti for any reason, but the contrary: take care and encourages you, repeat you that you beautiful and you’ll be able! Take this small exercise seriously, subconscious is very responsive to the posts of encouraging. Shows them that you love!”, Says psychologist Angela Nutu.

Pay too much time to unimportant things and delay on the important. Self-confidence start with efforts to a build and the best thing that it can do is to learn new things and to skills those that already you know.

“All we need to alternăm periods of work and effort intense with periods quieter relaxation and even leneveală. But if you want to trust you will have to do efforts to build this trust. One of the best ways in which you can do that is to learn new things and to skills those that you already know. Knowledge is Associated with self-confidence and is not a secret why: the more you know more things from a particular domain the more sure you are knowledge and expertise you. Successful people, artists, leaders and entrepreneurs are professionals their activity and and was built confidence self-based on this work. Each victory small they get contribute to increase trust self. Traveling helps him that will bring new situations and will have to interact with the people. Learn to you handle what you will give trust addition that you extend horizons and are a bunch of new things” explains specialist.

Still live in the past. Most of times, we don’t have a tendency to remember good things in life our and negative experiences and failures us prevent that Act and focus on this and opportunities we stand way.

“Even if you think only good things still not shown to spend too much making this since much dreaming you can prevent to Act. Unfortunately tend not to recall good things, but fixed reverse: negative experiences and failures are better etched. What happened in the past remain there and no longer you can change any decision that took you a or cancel something happened already. Focuses your most attention to this and lives it as you can well with confidence and hope. If you had the negative experiences in the past or if regret certain things you have done or have not been made then have to look a way to you release. Regrets, feelings of guilt and failure that we Gates with you do you consume of confidence self and make you to react with confidence in situations new and to avoid some things or types of interaction. People who trust self know that life is not always correct and not always things will go according to their expectations. Is a lesson precious and it’s good to know that you can’t have control but that doesn’t mean that the way your react is not savior. A positive attitude and education optimism can do wonders for trust your self”, is believe psychologist.

Looking for excuses. Should enjoy life and everything you provide it. Once accept this thing, you’ll be able to you get trust you and your allow you to develop.

“Evaluate your carefully style life and identify what habits or behaviors have a negative impact on you. They don’t you are not useful and not lets you enjoy life. When you are in harmony with yourself / yourself this seen. Personality bright and positive you increase self-esteem because you will be easier to trust people, try new experiences and you develop” explains psychologist.

Fear of hurting others prevent you to do what you feel. You’ll come to you don’t know what you want, but especially to generate frustrations and regret. Always choose to do what you feel and follow your happiness, without fear of the wishes of those around you.

“A method safe and quick to your destroy confidence self. First, because you get in a moment in which no you don’t you know what you want. Accustomed to do please those around you and you up to their expectations, you lose their own landmarks and values. In addition, not to make you feel generates frustrations and regrets.Sentiments we prevents us know and we fulfill its potential. Why choose people believe about that you do you feel is exclusively their choice. Can victimize or can understand that you the freedom to your follow happiness. As they”, urges us specialist.

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