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How weight loss will change your life: 10 reasons to lose weight

The winter holidays are over, and in the short term we say welcome spring, lively, and some … hungry. Christmas bonuses and lack of movement certainly made us many of us a few extra pounds. Many womens want to get rid of overweight overnight, if they can even snap a pretzel or sip a cake in the middle of the night. Well, by doing so, they only succeed in frustration and “braking” their ambition to lose weight.

Diets over diets, sports to exhaustion, weighed daily – does it sound familiar? If you also want to get rid of the chickens and finally get into the pair of jeans that is now snapping on you, but the measures you take do not show signs of running, maybe it would not hurt to take a little break and reflect on certain aspects.

It is not in vain to say that the greatest enemy of weakness is our brain. He dictates us when to eat, when we are tired, if we liked a certain food, and why not, motivates us to go on the road to the much dreamed silhouette.

If you struggle for years to get rid of overweight, you sure know there are no shortcuts to success. The process of slimming involves discipline, work, restrictions, and, of course, motivation. And in terms of motivation, there is much to say, because there are many factors that affect it.

Most womens set as their main goal the weakening to look better. But if this is actually the problem? Why do not we dig a little further and discover other sources of motivation to get rid of overweight? We have found 10 reasons why it is worthwhile to lose, other than obvious ones, namely to look better and wear the clothes you like.

Motivation for Weight Loss: 10 Benefits of Weight Loss

Weakness is often the mood recipe in fighting all sorts of health problems. In fact, in many situations, doctors recommend weight gain to alleviate various symptoms.

Overweight, on the contrary, has many adverse effects on our body, from tedious back pain to the increased risk of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes or even cancer.

If you think that weight loss is nothing but to ease your mission to find fashionable clothing that suits you, you are wrong. Here are a few more important reasons that deserve to lose extra pounds!

1. You will rest better

What you eat can influence the quality of sleep, the studies show. According to them, overweight or obese people generally consume foods that are not high in nutrients, which is why hunger always makes their presence felt, as are stomach aches. This means that the body constantly demands energy sources such as fats and sugars, including during the night. Also, unhealthy foods consumed at the evening clock favor the appearance of stomach pain, which disturbs the quality of sleep. About the effects of lack of rest you can read more here!

Instead, foods rich in complex carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals provide you with a restful sleep and keep you from digestive problems. Find out what the 3 foods are for a quiet night’s sleep!

2. You will have less pain

Back pain, joint, especially at the knees – you certainly are not strangers, especially if you have a few extra pounds. Such symptoms are specific to overweight people because extra weight exerts maximum pressure on all joints and, above all, favors inflammation in the body, also responsible for lumbar or shoulder pain. An important role in preventing these events is diet, but also sports.

3. You will be less stressed

Stress is mainly caused by job tasks, but that does not mean that diet is less important. Some foods may increase the level of cortisol, the main hormone of stress, such as soft drinks and sweets. Such foods and beverages cause the excess sugar to rise and then suddenly decrease it, a process that the brain interprets as dangerous – as a result, it sends signals that release more cortisol.

4. You will breathe better

Extra pounds are also responsible for the onset or worsening of respiratory problems. Especially in spring, eye soreness, clogged nose and sneezing are signs of allergies, which may worsen because of the pressure exerted by excessive weight on the respiratory system and the adrenal glands. Also, breathing difficulties may worsen if you suffer from asthma and have a weight above the limit.

5. Your sex life will benefit

As the body mass index decreases, the appetite increases. This is due to the increase in testosterone levels as a result of fat burning. According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, overweight middle-aged men have a testosterone level as low as the elderly. Another study shows that women with excess abdominal fat have high levels of cortisol, a hormone that affects libido. Also, excess weight favors lack of self-confidence and even rejection for one’s own body.

A survey by researchers at the Duke University Medical Center, which was answered by 1,210 normal weight but overweight or obese participants, revealed that over 25% of those in the last category are dissatisfied with their sexual life. So in order to have satisfactory sex parties, the “donut” in the abdominal area must disappear!

6. You will rarely cool down

It is scientifically proven that overweight people are more at risk of virosis and other respiratory problems, mainly due to nutritionally unbalanced nutrition, and obesity-related disorders that weaken the ability of the immune system to fight bacteria and viruses. Also, lack of rest, specific to those who face extra pounds, contributes to weakening immunity. Therefore, a rich diet and fresh vegetables and fruits, good quality protein and healthy fats, as well as restful sleep are fearsome weapons against overweight, but also colds or flu.

7. Memory does not play anymore

Weight loss also has a beneficial effect on the brain, not just in terms of physical appearance. According to a study, women with normal weight gain better results in cognitive tests than overweight. One explanation is that the diet of females may interrupt certain signals to the brain cells, which prevents the learning process. Especially fructose is blamed, an ingredient often used in the composition of soft drinks or sweets. See also other fructose negative effects here!
Instead, the diet rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants facilitate neurotransmitter activity and therefore the memory works scratches!

8. Do not overpower abundantly

It’s not unusual for a person to get drunk even when the temperatures are normal. This is because excess body fat increases body temperature and, as a result, favors abundant sweat. On the other hand, a person with a normal weight is not subject to this process and therefore will not sweat abundantly because the body temperature is within normal limits. Another consequence of excessive fat is the appearance of baskets or other dermatological problems such as psoriasis or eczema.

9. The risk of cancer and other diseases decreases significantly

Many people are aware that smoking and exposure without protection from sunlight increase the risk of cancer, but fewer who think weight can also play a role. Experts say that inflammations caused by extra pounds can cause mutations in the DNA and favor the development and development of cancer cells. The good news is that these inflammations can be removed by proper diet and normal weight, according to research published in Cancer Research.

10. You will live more and better

Finally, after we have listed these benefits of weight loss, we draw the only obvious conclusion: a healthy body means a longer, disease-free life! The testimony is over 20 large-scale studies, combined in a meta-analysis published in Plos Medicine, which shows that obesity shortens the lifespan of at least 14 years.

If I convinced you and you are really ready to get rid of extra pounds, find out which is the ideal diet for you and set up a physical exercise program. Good luck!

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