How to make yourself heard by the man

Research has shown that men use a set of special rules to communicate with each other. If you are a woman, it is very important to understand these rules and to respect them when dealing with a man.

Here are the rules of “male speech” formulated following brain scan results, which track the blood flow and the functions of the male brain.

1.Tell a man a single piece of information once

Men’s brains are compartments. Is as if it is divided into several cameras, each containing a function that works isolated from the other. Do not use more tracks in a conversation with a man. Separate your ideas and thoughts. communicate one thing at a time.

2.Let him talk

The man’s brains are connected either for speech or for listening. The majority of men can not do both simultaneously, and that is why men are waiting for them to speak. Give them time to talk and let them finish their sentence. Do not interrupt them.

3.Take a neutral expression when listening

Men think that a person who changes his face when he or she listens probably has mental or emotional problems. Give a serious expression when listening to a man and occasionally encourage: “I understand,” “that’s right.” , “yes, yes” to get him to continue.

4.Give them facts and information

Men’s brains are organized for spatial tasks and are especially interested in the relationship between things. Give solutions to problems, facts and testimonies. Avoid emotional formulas, instead argue your opinion.

5.Use direct speech

Men’s sentences are shorter than women’s, and contain many facts, data, information, and solutions. Do not make any hints or deductions. Tell me what you have to say, attacking the subject directly.

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