Everything that you give gets back

-To change someone, we must first change ourselves. We need to change thinking.

– As much as I keep a certain conviction, it is becoming clearer, that this conviction must release me.

-If something in life becomes very easy for us, then, this is not a lesson, it is what we already know.

– The greatest resistance in us is because of fear – the fear of the unknown.

-If there was no conviction, there would be no manifestations.

-Mine is your weapon, you decide yourself how you should use it.

-You always remember the past-it means to hurt yourself intentionally.

– Love – the only answer to all our problems, and the path to this state goes through forgiveness. Forgiveness dissolves resentment.

-All our relations with the outside world reflect our attitude toward ourselves.

– Love is not an external manifestation, it is always in us!

-To become the possessors of all the incredible things, we must first believe that they are possible.

– You do not have to believe in everything. All you need to know comes in the right place and at the right time …

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