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Diet with grapefruit

Basic principles

The theory says grapefruit contains a special enzyme that helps burn fat. But no one has ever explained how it actually works and whether the enzyme is also contained by other citrus fruits such as lemons or oranges. But if other citrus contains this enzyme, then there would be no diet with grapefruit, but citrus diet. Those who choose to follow this diet should strictly follow a menu that besides other foods will also include grapefruit. In the above-mentioned book ” The Grapefruit Solution ”, besides the menu presented, a set of intense exercises has to be followed.

How does it work?

In principle, it does not bring anything new to diets that promote low calorie consumption, of course, grapefruit. Only certain types of food, usually those with low fat content, are allowed. The same principle of low calorie diets is provided, provided grapefruit does not lack. The advantage is that people who choose to follow this diet can opt for any known menu, such as Atkins or South Beach.

What can you eat?

No matter what menu that fits into this diet you want to follow, you’ll have to eat grapefruit three times a day at every meal. For example, one of the older versions of the diet recommends:

Breakfast: one grapefruit, two eggs prepared in any way you want and two slices of bacon; a cup of tea or coffee.

Lunch: a grapefruit, any type of meat (prepared anyway but not fried); a salad of cooked vegetables or vegetables.

Dinner: a grapefruit, a salad (or cooked red and green vegetables), a serving of chicken or fish.

Before bedtime you can drink a glass of skim milk.

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