What happens after death? Those who have experienced clinical death tell their stunning experiences

Social media have shared their experiences, hoping to solve one of the biggest questions in the world: what happens when you die? Their extraordinary prospects come from experiences lived before being resuscitated, being considered dead from a medical point of view.

A user with the nickname Schneidah7 died after he was thrown off the motorcycle while driving at 80 km / h. Before the paramedics came to him, he said his dead brother had visited him and encouraged him to fight. He wrote on Reddit:

“I just remember I was lying on the street, and the things around me seemed to be getting darker, feeling more and more quiet. The only reason I did not become unconscious was a strange moment when I heard someone screaming “Come on, man, get up. Get up! “And I felt someone blow my helmet. When I opened my eyes, I saw my brother squatting down the street with me. This was odd, because my brother was dead for many years. ”

Another user, with the nickname Monitormonkey, said his heart stopped beating during a major surgery in the hospital, leaving him dead for about two minutes. He says:

“I woke up in some kind of space, but without stars or light. I was not floating, but I was just there. We were neither hot nor cold, neither hungry nor fatigued, but only feeling peace within. I knew there was light and love somewhere nearby, but I did not need to go straight to her.

I remember thinking about my life, but it was not like a fitting. Rather like I was a strangely wandering through a book and I was over fragments. I do not remember having made the decision to stay or to come back; I woke up to intensive care two days later. My experience has changed. I’m still afraid to die, but I do not worry about what happens next. ”

Another user, with the IDiedForABit nickname, recalled his experience when his heart stopped six minutes after an allergic reaction. He says he woke up in a strange garden where he met a boy and a girl. He says:

“I remember a feeling of being aspired, extremely slow, as if I had been drawn through the water and a feeling of darkness. At one point, the darkness disappeared and I woke up in a garden. It was not full of flowers, just dust and uneven grass. In the middle there was a playground, and two children (a boy and a girl) were running around him.

It’s difficult to describe, but I had the feeling that I could choose if I wanted to stay or go, but every time I tried to go, something kept me on the spot. I was reminded of all the reasons why I wanted to go back and when I told the Present that I would not abandon my mother, no matter what, eventually it was let go. I went back to my body. ”

And the TheDeadManWalks user said he had an incredible sense of peace and had the choice of living or dying while he was in clinical death. He writes:

“Now, looking back, the biggest regret was the feeling of tranquility that gave you death. It’s like you want to touch the alarm lock button scheduled to ring at 7 am. You’ve done this many times in your life, but then you remember working or sleeping can wait another time. “

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