Here are the 9 secrets of death! After reading this article, you will never have the fear of death!

Death is the gate of life. The body is but an organic universe of the spirit, it passes, it changes; disintegrate, but the spirit continues to exist. After all the observed, so many, precise, concordant facts, the following conclusions can be drawn on death:

1 – Dead human beings still exist even after the breakdown, the disappearance of the material body.

2 – They are made up of invisible, intangible substances, which our eyes do not perceive, our hands can not touch, our senses can not distinguish in ordinary conditions.

3 – In general, death does not occur. Their way of existence is completely different from ours. But they sometimes act on our spirit and, under certain circumstances, can prove their survival.

4 – By acting on our spirit and thereby on our brains, they are perceived and perceived by us in certain forms; we see them as I have known them, with their clothes, their allure, their personality. Our inner eye is the one who sees them. It is a soul-to-soul perception.

5 – These are not hallucinations, imaginary visions. They are realities. The invincible being becomes visible.

6 – Those deceased may also manifest in objective forms.

7 – In a large number of cases, defunct appearances are not intended. The dead do not act specifically on the one who sees it, but continues to vaguely live certain habits that he has in life, he wanders through the places where he lived, or not far from the place where he was buried. But let’s not forget that these are our human appreciations and that the distance does not matter to a spirit. From them they emerge subtle, touching the person whose brain they are in harmony, that transforms them into images.

8 – Appearances and manifestations are relatively frequent in the hours immediately following death. Their number begins to diminish with every passing day, and they become more and more rare as the time of death moves away.

9 – The spirits of the dead have long kept the terrestrial mentality. Believers often ask for their jobs to be done, to pray for them.

There is no rupture between this life and the other, there is a continuity between them. Personality remains the same after death, for a while, although material goods are not existent, physical and infirmity sufferings are suppressed, the state in which the land is detached from the terrestrial existence is totally different. But, in general, there are quite a few cases when, for a little while or so, the deceased does not understand the situation in which he is found.

Then the bodyless spirit begins to practice its new attributes in ether, it discovers immensity. It is no longer enclosed in our space, it lives in another dimension. He can only hardly communicate with the living; for this we have to enter our sphere of activity, to penetrate our brains, to “materialize”, so to say, to express ourselves through mechanical means.

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