Doctor do not prescribe chemotherapy anymore. Tumors are spreading, the effects are catastrophic. Cytotoxic drugs are medicines that make “very much”.

I have a message to colleagues, because the phenomenon is already a chronic one, there are hundreds of cases. Doctors presenting patients have learned at school and imprinted on their minds that in the 21st century cancer was resolved by chemotherapy and cobalt therapy. They do a little biopsy to the patient and send it to these therapies. There are hundreds of cases that have gone through these phases and have no results. My message comes to these fellow doctors that this head and neck cancer does not react to either chemotherapy or cobalt therapy, no matter how they perform, “Lung said.
He said that they are “patients irradiated with ultramodern devices who have reached a clinic with an extension tumor.”
Let patients know that many cancers we can cure in a hundred percent. There are situations where these cancers, through well-guided surgical therapy, are completely healed without chemotherapy or cobalt therapy. I ask my colleagues to give up these ideas to do these therapies, “Lung said.
According to him, chemotherapies destroy bone marrow hematoformers, and the body is put in a situation where it can no longer defend itself.
Teofil Lung added that cytostatics are “very good” drugs, being the most expensive in the market, and some doctors “out of it live.”
“Some of them live, send patients to do chemotherapy, even if not, they are extraordinary. There is no tumor in this world, and it’s histopathologically proven to be treated with chemotherapy and disappear. I have not seen this in 40 years of career, “said Teofil Lung.

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