Vitamins and minerals that help you lose weight

It’s not so easy to lose weight, especially if you take those “wonderful pills” that promise to get rid of extra pounds. However, there are some vitamins and minerals that you should consume to ensure effective body function in the slimming process. A balanced diet can help you enjoy the necessary nutrients, but if the foods you consume are limited, vitamin supplements can provide extra energy to have a healthy diet. When it comes to weight loss, not all vitamins and minerals are equal.

Vitamins and minerals beneficial in the process of slimming: Vitamins B

Vitamins B include:

• thiamine (B1)

• riboflavin (B2)

• niacin (B3)

• pantothenic acid (B5)

• pyridoxine (B6)

• biotin (B7)

• folic acid (B9)

• cobalamin (B12)

These vitamins are essential to ensure proper metabolism functionality. The primary function of vitamins B is to help the body metabolize carbohydrates, protons and fats, and to use energy stored in food.

Vitamin B sources:

• beans

• lentil

• milk

• eggs

• lean meat

• whole wheat

• potatoes

Cobalamin (B12), for example, is not found in plant products, making it difficult for vegans to consume it.

Vitamins and minerals to consume in the process of slimming: Vitamins D

Vitamin D is required for a healthy immune system. The body can assimilate vitamin D from the sun, but many people spend time in enclosed spaces or in a climate where it is not always sunny. Taking enough vitamin D from food is quite difficult. That is why supplements are recommended. An adequate level of vitamin D prevents depression, and a positive attitude is fundamental to an effective diet.

Ideal sources of vitamin D:

• sardines

• tone

• salmon

• egg yolk

• milk and yogurt

• cereals

Vitamins and minerals to consume in the process of slimming: Iron

Iron plays an extremely important role by helping the body to create energy from nutrients. It also helps to transmit oxygen to all body cells, including muscle, which then helps burn fat. Iron deficiency leads to anemia, and among the symptoms we encounter:

• fatigue states

• the feeling of a weakened body

• low energy level

Also, low iron levels can reduce physical strength, and the most vulnerable people to iron deficiency are women experiencing abundant menstruation and people who frequently donate.

Ideal iron sources:

• lean meat

• shellfish

• beans

• spinach

Vitamins and minerals to consume in the process of slimming: Magnesium

Magnesium is needed to produce energy in the body. This mineral helps keep blood glucose under control, regulate tension, maintain strong bones, maintain nerve function.

Ideal sources of magnesium:

• nuts

• seed

• legume

• green vegetables

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