Joy heals the cells and organs of the body

Joy always attracts love. when you feel that your body and spirit fill you with the joy of living, you are like a powerful magnet. Then you attract more joy, and therefore more love.

Joy is the highest vibrational vibration wave that a human can create. The joy of unifying bureaucracy heals the entire substance of the body, as no other sensory vibration makes it.

Joy enters into human consciousness, directly at the point where the substance of the physical and spiritual bodies meet, as a single unified field!

Is the first three-dimensional wrapper, or your first “coat”! Joy is the deepest vibration that your physical body will ever know and record. Joy can also be understood by the following analogy, in which we use important states or feelings. At the highest level of the body’s feelings, pure spirit, is the ecstasy! At the next higher level of the body, pure personality is happiness. An ascending flow of happiness leads to joy and joy leads to ecstasy.

Joy heals the cells and organs of the body. joy makes you feel healthy and whole, both physically and mentally.

Your joy not only attracts the love of others, but it is also “pungent”. When they are drawn into the field of your joy, a joy of joy triggers within them. Joy always succeeds in multiplying!

Think about this! the gift of joy to yourself becomes, in turn, a precious gift of joy for the other people in your life. Soon, they will be given their own joy. Every joyful person will send joy to others, forming a spiral of endlessly high-minded people happy and happy. Happiness is the physical frequency closest to light. It can be compared to an unexpectedly lit light in a huge dark vacuum. All eyes and all forms of consciousness inside the field are turning to that sudden shimmer of light and focusing on it. At the same time, all those who realize this light (weak or shining) appeared in the void, is consciously moving towards it! This analogy of joy / light gives you a clear picture of how joy brings joy together with a desire to be around those who are spreading such joyful love. Proximity in itself means a strong declaration of love, the desire to be physically close to someone is itself a “declaration” of love.

Therefore, joy is an excellent way to attract the soul mate to you.

Looking at things from another point of view, just as sadness always closes you from others, happiness opens you to others! The whole nature is rushing to fill an empty space or a vacuum. So it is absolutely normal for anyone who sees how happy and happy you are to be attracted to you!

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