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Sport: a lot of health benefits

We are accustomed to seeing it as a chore which steals us from precious hours of lying on television and various crunching. We still have the habit of treating him as the fiercest enemy in dietary times, when we leave him in the loophole, just getting rid of him. But the sport, dear, is much more than that. It’s clean health!1200-woman-running-outside_1

What do you think when you say the word “sport”? In the various world championships that you commented with patos? The sculpted silhouettes, after which we sigh with everything? For hours of ambition and perseverance?

I automatically think of a strong and disease-ridden body. That may also be because I feel on my skin every grasp or losing of my physical exercises. When I do it holistically, my body screams through all the pores that it is good, when I do not, I’m pulling ponies.

And, as I’m in a moment of some laziness, I thought you would not mind if you broke the medical benefits of sport. To mobilize us all well.

Sports and obesity

Their link is clear as a good day, but let’s go a little in-depth and learn that physical exercise reduces an average of 40% of the genetic predisposition for obesity, according to a study by British researchers at Cambridge University.

I mean, if we’re getting used to obesity, sport can do that. Researchers have confirmed the theory that an active way of life attenuates genetic influence on the body mass index and the risk of obesity.

They found in the study that those who did sports and had the obesity gene weighed 379 grams, and sedentary – 592 grams. So, cut off the genealogy of excuses and go to work!

Especially because sport affects appetite hormones – certain meetings (aerobic exercise rather than non-aerobic exercise) trigger the release of the peptide YY, a suppressing hormone. Also,

physical exercise “fixes” the sensitivity of the neurons involved in satiety control, those who give us the information that we are full, ready to eat. Automatically, this leads to fewer foods consumed and weight loss.

Sports, memory and mental illness

There is now a wave of studies that talk about physical exercise as good memory aids. Many go even further and call our protector movement the risk of Alzheimer’s. Specifically, walking a distance of at least 10 kilometers per week may be the only thing people can do to prevent brain shrinking and dementia, according to an American study.

That sport is doing incredibly good things with the brain we find out from the next research that targets drug addicts. Doctors are intensively studying marijuana consumers to understand the possible help that sport can give to these addicts. It is assumed that the physical movement and the changes it produces in the brain can cause the use of exercises as a way of prevention and treatment.

Participants have already said they have experienced a decrease in “appetite” and daily consumption after a few laps on tape. On the other hand, Harvard researchers tell us that regular exercise, but also a certain calorie restriction, delaying aging in laboratory mice. More specifically, they “rejuvenate” the connections between nerves and muscles.

“This research gives us a clue as to how strong the influence of lifestyle is on the decline of our synapses,” doctors believe. So skip in sneakers for the sake of a healthy and young brain.

Sports and other medical praise

Did you know that movement is a natural remedy for arthritis? American physicians recommend that everyone suffering from arthritis do regular exercise. Research shows that people who suffer from arthritis and move away from pain and fatigue improve their extremities.

Even a small change in lifestyle – like a 10-minute walk 3 times a day – can reduce the impact of arthritis on daily activities and decrease dependence on drugs. Equally important, it seems to me that a study based on 20 previous research and published in the British Journal of Cancer has highlighted that physically very active people face a 3 times lower risk of to make intestinal polyps, formations considered precursors of cancer.

“Exercise has many benefits: it stimulates the immune system, reduces intestinal inflammation, and helps reduce insulin levels,” says the lead author. Because I have heard of cases more and more, I also tell you that sedentary women have a risk of over 2 times the risk of suffering from pulmonary embolism – a condition that involves the formation of blood clots in the lungs – according to a study published in British Medical Journal.

Sedentarism has long been associated with the emergence of serious illnesses – diabetes, heart disorders, high cholesterol, but this is the first study indicating a significant increase in the risk of pulmonary embolism, often the cause of heart attacks. And next to the heart, is it worthwhile to tell you how great the movement for the heart is?

And the list goes on

Researchers from Maryland and Baltimore also found that Parkinson’s patients who walked on the treadmill at a comfortable speed for a small period of time (low intensity exercise) improved their ability to walk. The Swedes also shed the scientific evidence that the movement is as good as the prescribed migraine pills.

The study focused on 91 migraine patients showed that 40 minutes of exercises 3 times a week make miracles. And ophthalmologists could quietly prescribe subscriptions to our room so we never do glaucoma. According to a study, physical movement also controls eye pressure, which, over the head, can cause the most serious illnesses. But we have to keep on training, not joking: the figures of the study show that regular sports about 15 years lower the risk by 25%.

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