How can you make your day more beautiful?

Have a cup of tea, coffee or anything you enjoy tasting papules.

“I think of nostalgia for Sunday mornings, those blessed mornings, for they were devoted to rest, when in the silent kitchen he was drinking his coffee while I was reading.” [Muriel Barbery].

Plant a tree, a flower, a seedling.

The plants you see have the power to grow, a grain of wheat, the power to grow, a flower, to open at the sight of the Creator. And yet, most of the time, there are small plants and flowers that are not yours but they still bloom in the sky without fear, they have the courage to live, to die, to get out of the state of oppression, every time the stony land prevents them from rising. have the same strength of mind. [Romano Battaglia].

Listen to the music you enjoy.

Music raises all the feelings, and, as in a storm, the soul, reassuring, becomes better, more lenient, noble.

Make a nice gesture for someone.

“Give one of your smiles today to an unknown one. It may be the only ray of sun he sees throughout the day.” [H. Jackson Brown, Jr.].

Make plans for your future.

“Make plans for your future, because the future is where you will spend the rest of your life.” [Mark Twain] .

She wears the clothes you like.

The state of man is known by clothes.

Make your bed comfortable.

Relaxation is the best remedy for any day.

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