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10 important tips on sports and slimming

Most diets start in January, as well as subscriptions to the gym. After a month dedicated to Winter Holidays, when crowding, copious meals and holidays keep us away from sports, we find unpleasant things on the scales. Whether they are a few extra pounds or just water retention, there are so many reasons why most of us fall into the fever of weakening. And we want hard to lose weight fast, faster than we have fattened. The truth is that we make illusions.257837597_t

Perhaps this is possible at a younger age, when the metabolism works to its fullest and when it results in giving up bread and sweets. And maybe there are lucky ones who enjoy intense burns up to the third age. But most of us have to drastically reduce the number of calories to lose weight. Say goodbye to sugar, bread, alcohol, sausage, cheese, that’s what we like. Welcome greens, fish, turkey and flat water! When we do it hard and as if the leaf tone does not taste anymore, we start having fantasies about going to the gym. And we’re up and running in difficult schedules, willing to work until exhaustion.

1. Call a coach to learn the movements correctly!

At first glance, genuflexions, abomination, and fanatics may seem easy to execute, but you might have the surprise to find out that you are not doing them right. Before any group class, work one hour, two with a coach to learn to perform the exercises correctly! That’s how it works!

2. Start with simpleer hours, such as pilates!

They are less demanding and have the opportunity to practice correctly! In addition, you learn to breath and you will be able to cope with even more intense programs!

3. Do not overdo the exercises!

Even if you have a subscription with unlimited access, leave a day or two between intense training. Thus, the body recovers after stressful hours. Plus that less is more!

4. Do not rely on sports to lose weight!

Physical activity is important, but it only counts 20 percent in the process of eliminating extra pounds. Moreover, it is possible that after an intense physical effort you feel the need to eat more, so first of all, attention to diet!

5. Keep a moderate rhythm!

You have probably found there is a pulse interval where you burn fat. If you exceed a certain amount, this is no longer the case. So find out the value for you and keep the pulse there if you want to burn fat!

6. Work with difficulty, but do not overdo it!

Exercises with grams are good for toning, but also for maintaining bone mass. But that does not mean you have to work with the biggest ones. Start with some lighter and then, you can gradually move to some older ones. Do not compare to anyone, try to evolve to a more and more fitting version of yours!

7. Exercise less, but correctly!

Even though most sports programs are based on sets of 32 repetitions, they work at your own pace! Sometimes the coaches exaggerate with encouragement, not to say that they just yell, but do not forget you’re not in the competition. In addition, sport has to make you feel good, not to use unnecessary pain!

8. Attention to joints!

Any knee, shoulder or backache should make you think. There may be something passing, but if you work too much or have extra pounds, all of this has a negative impact on your joints. Repeat: Helps pace and intensity according to your ability to move!

9. Walk a lot on foot!

Even if you do sports, do not forget to walk a lot. It takes at least 10 thousand steps a day. It is a cheap, accessible, physiological activity, the secrets of long-lived peoples. The elders of Crete and Okinawa do not get hurt nor do they boast aerobics classes. They walk a lot on foot and are active almost all day.

10.Sport is constantly done!

Once you start doing sports, keep it! Slightly, constantly, without breaks of more than two, three weeks. This is the rule that you do not always get out of point 0: the big breaks cancel out the beneficial effects of sport.

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