10 Foods That Help Lose Weight

  1. Whole fruits
A whole fruit provides more micronutrients for the same number of calories and the absorption of calories will also decrease.

2. Quinoa

The protein in the quinoa is also harder to break down than carbs or fat .

3. Pasta

Pasta is fortified with protein and fiber, which makes it one of the best carbohydrates that you can find because it
replenishes your body is energy store and keeps blood sugar from dipping too low.

4.Whole eggs

Adding a little bit of cholesterol to your diet won’t increase cholesterol levels in your body. Whole eggs actually contain nutrients that are really good for your health, including choline and sometimes omega – 3 .


This type of fish is high in nutrients with reasonable calories , salmon is full of lean proteins that will make you feel full longer.

6. Potatoes

You can eat potatoes and stay healthy. A man adopted a potato only diet for a years to lose weight and he lost 50 kg , will not recommend this diet but the benefits are guaranteed in a normal diet.

7. Soup

This is how you will consume 20 percent fewer calories.

8. Avocado

Eating avocado is a simply way to prevent metabolic syndrome , like high blood pressure or a large waist circumference and it is even better if you can eat every day.


They contain monounsaturated fat,vitamine E , Folic Acid ,Magnesium ,Copper, Protein and Fiber, as always , as long as you don t overdo it, nuts can help you lose weight.


It is low in calories but also full of nutrients so you can get the most of every meal , it is also high in calcium , which increases body fat breakdown and preserves metabolism during dieting.




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